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About Us

Who are we anyway?

Welcome to the heart of North Haven's democratic spirit! The North Haven Democratic Town Committee (NHDTC) is a dedicated group of individuals passionate about shaping the future of our community through democratic principles and inclusive governance.   We are your friends and neighbors, looking to make North Haven the best it can be. 


Our new committee

Chair: Lori Mansur
Vice Chair: Steve Gifford
Secretary: Eileen Stabbe
Treasurer: Kieran Ahern
Deputy Secretary: Tim Gabriele
Deputy Treasurer: Lisa Leamon

Our Membership:


Kieran Ahern

Andrew Anker

Lisa Antonecchia

September-Ann Baraquin

Stephen Baraquin

Julianne Burns

Matthew Burns

Genevieve Cabrera

Chris Cabrera

James Carew

Alicia Clapp

David Cohen

Sequella Coleman

Jacqueline Cotier

Mary Coyle

Gerald Feinberg

Barbara Feinberg

Scott Friedman

Abigail Friedman

Timothy Gabriele

Amanda Gabriele

Rosalind Gambardella

Stephen Gifford

Holly Gifford

Kriste Gill

Nicholas Gill

Kristen Gouin

Stephen Greco

Amy Grotzke

Michele Guglielmo

Alex Johnson

Jayne Kleinman

Jamie Krzmarzick

Daniel Krzmarzick

Lisa Leamon

Scott Leamon

Benjamin Loebick

Elizabeth Logan

Stephanie Magnuson

Brandi Mandato

Makayla Mansur

Lori Mansur

Lindsey Matis

Renee Mazzadra

Alden Mead

Thais Moore

Yonatan Morse

Lucia Rafala

James Redman

Benjamin Rudikoff

Joel Rudikoff

Alienne Salleroli

Brian Sargent

Sumit Sharma

Phillip Smit

Eileen Stabbe

Arlen Stabbe

Amanda Strong

Alan Sturtz

Kari Swanson

Maya Szatai

Divya Vasudevan

Clint Walker

Codruta Zoican-Loebick

The North Haven Democratic Town Committee has selected an all new slate of officers in a meeting held Tuesday, March 12, 2024.

“I’m so excited by the passion this new team is bringing to the work of the Town Committee,” said Lori Mansur, the newly elected chair. “We’ve seen a tremendous outpouring of support for a positive vision for North Haven as well as a more inclusive committee.”

Mansur is a longtime DTC member and former committee Treasurer. She works as a Registered Nurse, and has a child enrolled in North Haven Public Schools.

Also elected were Steve Gifford as Vice Chair, Eileen Honan Stabbe as Secretary, and Kieran Ahern as Treasurer.

“We want a shift in direction for the DTC,” said Gifford. “Our meetings can be more open, and more engaging for all town Democrats.”

Board of Education member Amanda Gabriele cited the new leadership team as “reflecting a diverse and dynamic leadership team ready to drive positive change within the community.”

The newly elected executive board members are:

  • Lori Mansur - Chair: A dedicated community advocate with a passion for civic engagement, Lori Mansur brings a wealth of experience to the role of Chair. Her commitment to fostering inclusivity and progressive values aligns seamlessly with the vision of the NHDTC.

  • Steve Gifford - Vice Chair: Steve Gifford, elected as Vice Chair, brings strategic acumen and a history of effective collaboration within the Democratic community. His leadership will be pivotal in advancing the committee's goals and strengthening Democratic influence in North Haven.

  • Eileen Honan Stabbe - Secretary: Eileen Honan Stabbe, elected as Secretary, brings a background in strategy and project management. Known for her organizational skills and attention to detail, her role will be instrumental in ensuring transparent and efficient communication within the committee and with the broader community.

  • Tim Gabriele - Deputy Secretary: Tim Gabriele, elected as Deputy Secretary, brings a fresh perspective and a commitment to enhancing the committee's outreach efforts. His role will focus on fostering engagement and broadening the committee's connections.

  • Kieran Ahern - Treasurer: With financial expertise and a dedication to responsible fiscal management, Kieran Ahern takes on the crucial role of Treasurer. His oversight will contribute to the committee's financial stability and sustainability.

  • Lisa Leamon - Deputy Treasurer: As Deputy Treasurer, Lisa Leamon brings valuable insights and dedication to supporting the financial stewardship of the NHDTC. Her collaborative approach will be integral to the committee's success.


The NHDTC expresses gratitude to outgoing board members for their contributions and welcomes the new executive team with optimism. The committee is confident that under this capable leadership, North Haven will see continued growth, collaboration, and advocacy for the values that matter most to its residents.

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